Monday, March 17, 2008

Well, I have been inexcusably lazy about updating my blog, so here I am, doing the needful although there doesn't seem to be too much happening in my life worthy of note right now. One reason is that my health has not been too great lately, and I wouldn't want to subject my Net friends to a litany of complaints, and more complaints.

Hmm..well, maybe I can talk about my hair. Notwithstanding the fact that I am still Sweet Sixteen at heart, the sad facts of life contradict the way I see myself mentally. I once read somewhere that a woman's hair is the only thing that God created as a mere plaything subject to the whims and caprices of its owner. I quite agreed with that, and began to ponder on the various reasons why some people are bald, while others prefer dreadlocks, mohicans, spaghetti curls, ramrod straight hair, not to mention all the colours of the rainbow. There might be some sort of logic to their choice of hairstyle. Then again, the very fact that it need not be necessarily logical is the beauty of it.

To cut a long story short, in a characteristically belated gesture of rebellion, I decided to streak my hair during the winter vacations. I thought streaks of blond would do very nicely; something went wrong somewhere, and along with the desired blond streaks, I also had streaks of an indefinite colour, some pink and even a stray lock of navy blue hair here and there. The hairdresser was mortified. I liked it. I loved it. It had pizazz, I felt. It wasn't just about the hair, but about the way it made me feel - daring, bold, glamorous, free, and reckless. Of course, there are certain codes of conduct expected of people My Age, in My Profession, and therefore, one fine day recently, I had to bid a sad farewell to my streaks, and don my more "respectable" hairdo once again.

Of course, I will not mention the fact that some people (including my mom) felt my hair looked like it was sadly parched and had literally been dry-fried. The last straw, of course, was when a woman I didn't know at all, sitting next to me in church, sympathetically whispered, "You have grey hair too?" Needless to say, my "No" was rather curt.
Anyhow, this is how it looked:
Hopefully, I'll hang on to what my hair gave me, even if I cannot hang on to the marvelous hues.


  1. You know, i think your hairstyle affects your mood and personality. being an introvert, i feel i get a bit extroverted when my hair is cut short. and so, partly due to the heat, i had a short haircut. hubby says i look like a half-plucked chicken. when i'd done this before, my son angrily told me i look like a member of a rock band. but i feel good, and smile a lot more! and it's a pity ppl judge you so harshly by your hair. we ough to campaign for freedom of hairstyle. your streaked hair must've looked interesting, though the photo doesn't show fully.

  2. Umm. Hair hair..talking of the hair this reminds me of something. Well last week i decided to cut my hair and i think it would be okhay to stay in bald under a hot weather like my place. And then my junior at the campus stop me saying that, 'please don't cut your hair, don't stay bald...think about your image in the society, what will people think of you?" Blah blah a more blah. So i decided to drop the idea, and then another one approach me and say, "Its a high time for you to cut your hair."
    Well am i not the authority here anymore? the whole question of "I" started to fade. Its the society(them) which construct what is right for you. What you're to be, and what you ought to be? then you're not doing justice to yourself. Then the whole thing gets complicated...haha i am moving to the theories again.. beware..lolz..stay beautiful and healthy...Forerever young.. that's the spirit :-)

  3. I guess you're talking about the aging rock star hair? That looked pretty wild ;) Being a teacher can be kind of restricting in many ways, your personal style being one. Shame. All the best with the treatment thingy. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. @mesjay, I think you're absolutely right, despite all that they say about not judging a book by its cover. To a very large extent, how we look in the outside does influence how we see ourselves too. As for your hair, kudos to you, I'm sure you look and feel great... your hubby sounds like my mom, and I got very similar comments about the "rock band" thingy, but at least they didn't add the word "aging"!

    @sawmpui, like Mesjay said, we should campaign for freedom of hairstyle...mmm...somethin glike People For Freedom of Hairstyle, and you could become our President! Seriously, though, it's all good and well to have norms and mores in society, but it does inhibit one's personal freedom to, I feel, especially when it's over something as inconsequential as the way you wear your hair,na?
    So, did you become a baldie?

  5. @ Calliopia, yeah, I suppose any profession has its downside too. And yes, I am talking about the aging rock star hairdo... didn't you just love it? lolz. Thanks for the good wishes. I ended up not staying in the hospital, because there were no rooms, so I'll be taking treatment from home.

  6. I love the wild hair!! It is absolutely beautiful. Weirdly enough, I've never liked hair that's too kempt. If I had to ask a stranger for directions, and there are two strangers standing side by side, one with wild hair and one with not a strand out of place, I would pick the wild haired one. Any day. And fortunately, in my profession, in my age, I can still go around like a crazy teenager and it won't be held against me :)

  7. nice hair.. i like it. I like dreadlocks the most. :D lol.. then comes afro. But, ive never had it once. Most of the time I stay bald (not that completely bard... but short enuff to look it like bald) because in school we werent allowed to have long hairs. After school, i started growing my hair, it was about a eye-covered length and my mom told me to cut it. Then, i cut it. Later, all my friends, my cousins, my brother, my sister they all told me that i do look better with the long hair. And alas, my mom also said "u can grow it again if you like"... and now, am planning to have a long hair again. And will try out those dreadlocks and afro style once at least... hehe...

    and btw, i like girls with long hair rather than short. And I like it most when it is black in colour... hhehe..

  8. Ekhai, kan hotupte thu hla a va nalh leh pek ve aw.. zawlkhawpui atang pawhin kan chhiar lo phal si lo. A ziaktu lah a chhelo narawh.. hmanni chu kawr sirah ka hmu fua mai a. Angel hawl thlak emaw ka ti pek alom mawle..:)

  9. @Jerusha, this post was actually inspired in part by your post on your own hairstyle (bangs et al)awhile back. I like people who have individual styles says a lot about their independence of spirit. I guess however, one does have to draw a line between self-expression and self-serving motives.

    @Joseph.... if they can carry it off, I like guys with long hair too. Dreadlocks, too. Looking forward to your new image. Feel free to consult me on shampoos, conditioners, etc...lolz. Oh, and by the way, I now have long, DARK (not exactly black, but my natural colour) now ;P

    @Puia, kan pu te'n min han bol tak tak hi chuan kan khi leh vur vur thin a nih ber mai hi maw! Mahse demna che ka nei...engvangin nge min hmuh reng chuan min rawn biak loh? A live a Pu te hmuh te chu kan chak a lom.

  10. Nice photos, who's the photographer who take those snaps from the back..lolz. Sam chu a pu tu a zir a nimai a, a pu tu khan a inhmeh miau chuan a nalh a nimai. Tin, eizawnna avang...we sometimes judge too much only on the outside appearances