Tuesday, May 20, 2008

slush and mush

This may be a little mushy for some, but I enjoyed myself when I wrote it a couple of years ago. The rains seem to have arrived at last, and I need to update my blog, so here it is...


Rain washes my window pane

Like the tears that bathe my face;

The muted rhythm of raindrops falling

Only echoes the half-forgotten music

Playing in my mind,

Music I never heard

Except deep within my heart,

Yet my every waking moment

Is haunted by those notes.

I see you, an ephemeral shadow,

Sitting by the piano,

Lost in the symphony of timeless Time.

The soft breeze caresses your hair

While you play for no audience

But the velvet blackness of night.

Clear, pure, like the tinkle of glass

Your notes fill my silence,

And the rain merges with your music

To heal my soul once more.

I become the keys your fingers awaken,

I am the rain that dances with life.


  1. Hotunu chu i reh thin hle mai. Kan tet lai chuan Ruah a han tla ser ser a, kan han do ngei a, 'ruah aw sur buan buan, vaimin pho nan, buh pho nan' kan ti thin kha a ni a. Ruah hi sur miah ta lo se, kan buai teh ang chu tiraw..hehe

    Thlarau lam changsang deuh te chuan 'malsawmna ruah sur turin an ngen thin a nih kha maw..:)

  2. Very pretty - 'clear, pure, like the tinkle of glass'- one can see and hear it - it's so concrete.

  3. @puia, keini chuan "vaihlo phonan" kan ti thin a sin, hehe. Ni ngot mai, ruah sur te hi kan thatna tur zela lo ni vek si a..

    Siamtu'n lei van a siamin,
    Lum vat eng thim sur leh sa,
    Hreawm leh nuam engkim a rel fel...
    tih a nih kha maw!

    @mesjay, I must admit that I haven't been able to convey the music that I hear so clearly in my mind..words fail me. Wish you'd written it!

  4. ruah sur hi chu a nuam ka ti thin...mahse min ti lungleng thin...ka soi thiam lo

  5. Oh!! how true. wish i'd written it. :-)

    Know what? I always listen to a song called "Through her eyes" by Dream Theater, i just dont know why. Whenever it rains, its one of the thing i must do other than closing the windows and doors. Lung a ti leng thei ltk, hemi hla ngaihthlaka ruah a sur bawk chuan.

    Hei kan khua pawh ni 3 chuang chu khua a duai a, zan lamah phei chuan ruah a sur ziah a, a nuam lutuk ringawt!! And your "RAIN" does says all i have to say about rain. :-)

  6. @almost unreal: nia tiro, a sur tliar tliar hi chuan engemaw tak hian lung hi a nghilh deuh dup a. Mahse a sur bur bur hi chuan nuam ka ti ngai lo, dawih ta ngang chuan hlauh tur hi ka lo hre ve hman ziah a, ka mu tui lai poh hi ka harh hlawl zel.

    @Joseph... Ka lo la ngaithla ve miah lo, chu hla chu. 'The Spirit Carries On' deuh chiah kha ka hre ve a. Keini chu hei a sur tha leh duh ta vaklo deuh a, rei lo te te a tla a, tawp leh daih thin, mahse in khua a sur chuan lum i ti thei sia, ka va han lawmpui tak che em! Ruah do loh tur aw, mahse.

  7. Ruah a sur hi chuan, thil tih laklawh lai hi dah sawk sawk ila, khumah hian han mu than mai ila, a nuam ber mai a ni.

  8. I become the keys your fingers awaken,

    I am the rain that dances with life.

    *sigh* It's beautiful. Sawi tam tur pawh ka hre lo, a nalh tawp ani mai. Mizo hian hetiang poetry nalh deuh deuh hi kan ziak thiam vak lo emaw ka tia :) Un leh un bawn tawp..ril deuh2 te hi chu kan ziak ve duah a, mahse 'soul' hi kan tlachham ka lo ti thin a. I was wrong.

  9. @amuan...mahni a mut sawk sawk tur nge "mahni te nen"? lols. Tak tak a nia ruah sur tliar2 lai a han mut lum thun a, lehkhabu chhiar tur ngaihnawm deuh neih a, thingpui sa deuh leh ei rep rep tur nen... bliss!!!

    @aww...jerusha, that's embarassing, but lemme thank you anyway! As I said, I enjoyed writing this piece, and for me, that's good enough, hehe.

  10. i'm dreaming with your poem right now..beautiful..:)

    If rain washes my window pane
    Tears of joy would bathe my face
    Thats how i feel right now.. the hot weather is killing me.:(

    I wish the rainfall comes with a full blasted volume..more trash-metal band-like rhythm than the type you describe though.hehe.

    -dave chhangte

  11. Ruah in sawi elo..sur tha duh ve miah nang..lum tak a ni lum tak...

  12. @dave_c...keep dreamin'!! The thrash-metal band sort of rain scares me a bit, though!

    @ sawmpui... keini pawh a sur tha leh duh toh loooo!