Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lament of the Scorned

I am your Jezebel,
The curse you spit out
Along with the blood red
Juice of betel that
Oozes from corners
Of lips that formerly
Caressed, cajoled, captivated
With truths uttered unawares
By the same lips
Now denied.
I am Delilah,
Your downfall.
I am your drug,
Your shame,
Your reluctant high.
I am the discarded,
The one you stone
With relief
Some guilt.


  1. Very nice.. but... so much anger and passion tumbling out together... urrrmmm... this is not because I haven't submitted anything till now right? :D just kidding... :D

    On a different topic, that awkward moment when you've watched a porn flick titled "Jezebel" not so long ago :-/

    1. Yes @Mizohican, you've been a very, very bad boy...tsk tsk! Lol... And I don't even wanna know about the porn flick!!

  2. So much more than just anger....beautiful