Friday, February 22, 2008


Earth to earth, dust to dust.
My mother’s tears bathed my lifeless face.
I could hear women moaning,
Their agony sung out in dirges
In the land of the living.
Darkness sealed in my loneliness.
This crypt is cold, too cold.
I feel old.

The night they ripped me out
From the dank, damp earth,
I could not cry, though I did try.
A soundless scream wrenched my soul apart.
Kapa, kapa*, why have you forsaken me?
You were wrong – it hurts even after death.
Kanu, Anu*, I long for your warmth.
I feel old, too old.
I am cold.

‘Kapa’ means ‘my father’
‘Kanu’ and ‘Anu’ both are terms for ‘my mother’.


  1. ohhh... sad!! :( how deep is a mother's love... how strong is a father's love...

    when i first saw the title "Unnamed", it reminded me of the song "Untitled", here goes...

    I open my eyes
    I try to see but I'm blinded by the white light
    I can't remember how
    I can't remember why
    I'm lying here tonight

    And I can't stand the pain
    And I can't make it go away
    No I can't stand the pain

    How could this happen to me
    I made my mistakes
    Got no where to run
    The night goes on
    As I'm fading away
    I'm sick of this life
    I just wanna scream
    How could this happen to me

    Really touching.... kudos!!

  2. Wish I had your talent for writing poetry....and this is good strong poetry, no amateur dilly dallying either. Great stuff. I like :)

  3. @ Joseph, hmmm...a very haunting poem/song that you've written here...thanks. You didn't tell me who wrote it, though."How could this happen to me?" used to be a familiar refrain with me too, as if I had the previledge of being spared the pain and challenges of life. It's humbling to know you're not that immune to suffering, and comforting to know others have walked the same path too.

  4. @ J, as usual, are ever my best (though biased, I'm sure) critic. Just FYI, this poem was written when I heard the news about babies' bodies being robbed from their graves during the Taikheri days. It just disturbed me so deeply.

    And you write so much better than me, so stop it!

  5. Btw, a thluk kalo siam dawn emni ang le? poetry ti na na na a, lolzz. Beyond believe :-)

    Ka ngaihtuahna a lo lut chu ka duh deuh rilru a awm thin hi tinge mi hian minphuahkhalh thin zel le? tih vel te, tuna phuahtu hi a van thiam tih te a ni e:-)

  6. @sawmpui, i va han ti lawmawm ve! Phuah vat vat roh, i thiam dawn nen, a thiam hi in che har thei lutuk a kan lo phuah ta mai zel alawm, in sit chung chungin. A thluk chu siam ta che, mahse tunge sa ang le? Bloggers band din ta ila, nang kan frontman ni ta la...ui thaw!

  7. @ daydreambeliever... its a song called "Untitled" by Simple Plan.

    you can watch the video here

  8. great blog you got here :)..i will be one of the regilars, :P

  9. @ Joseph, thanks

    @almost unreal..welcome! Thanks for the visit, and I sure do hope to see you here regularly.

  10. so well written love to read it again and again..

    btw, hope u don't mind that i link u on my blog..

  11. Ekhai, a va ril ngaih ngaih ve aw.. kan lo in ngaihbel mai dawn alom mawle...nice post..

  12. @azaia
    Thanks for the visit, and for linking me. Hope to see you and your comments often.

    @ Puia
    Ril em ni? I va ti lawmawm e, tiro, mihring in a kan thil tawn hi a lo inang tlang viau aniang,inngaihbel mai hi a awl thin, i ingaihbel theih ka lo ziah chuan ka lom reng reng e. PS: Ka link che a nia o.

  13. hi! thanks for dropping by my blog. i just went thru urs n i have learnt much about Mizos from ur poems (excellent, keep it up) n essays. wow. in 24 hours, i have been educated on the lives, plight n facts of Mizo, a place i've never heard of until two weeks ago. i am so thankful n happy for all the input n info frm the Mizo bloggers who have written to me. we all share similar problems, as a race, as individuals, don't we.

  14. @terri
    Hey, thanks for the visit and for your interest in Mizoram. Hope to see you here one day. You're right, deep down inside none of us are all that different, it's just that the packaging is a little deceptive sometimes!

  15. wow - that's beautiful! Kinda morbid..gave me the shivers.

  16. @Jerusha, my plight is that the morbid very often fascinates me and inspires a lot of my poetry. However, there's a big sense of relief, a purging, so to speak, once I
    get up the courage to put the words down on paper. Then I hardly ever look at the more depressing pieces again! Hey, ty for the visit. Hope to see you again.

  17. i can feel da pain in ur poem.u r really strong with ur pen.gud writing reminded me of my late brother whom i lost few yrs back.death is cruel n we all hav to face it.

  18. @chong, I'm sorry to hear about your brother. I hope my poem didn't dig up too many painful memories for you. Thanks for the visit. Do drop by again.

  19. ekhai, a ropui thin hle mai.

  20. @puia, ropui lo e, mahse ziah hi nuam ve hrim hrim a :). Thanks for dropping by.

  21. I made my famous friend Macavity :) read your poem - I think I should paste her comments here -

    Macavity: wow
    all over
    Macavity: yeah i saw that
    its beautiful jerusha
    the perspective
    land of the living
    and dirges
    and weeping
    go together
    its so so so beautiful
    Macavity: kapa kapa why have you forsaken me
    i love it
    the whole thing

    She's still talking about it :) And like I called her before, she's an absolute critic, I call her the Gray Mocker.