Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

Well...this Valentine's Day brought its share of pleasant surprises. There I was, all prepared to be gloomy and miserable, doomed to spending the day in bed because of this persistent pain in my back. Besides, I thought my Valentino-celebrating days were over. And know what I got? Turns out I'm not too over-the-hill yet to enjoy some red roses!

Despite my misgvings about what I tend to feel is an over-hyped, alien, commercialised concept, I must confess that there's something that feels very good about celebrating love. After all, love, as they say, makes the world go round!
In Dreams.
In dreams, I hold your hand
Without apologizing;
In dreams, the sun’s gentle warmth
Bathes my face as I look up into yours;
In dreams, we spread a blanket
And float away with clouds;
In dreams our carefree laughter
Rings out clear and pure;
In dreams, we sway together, softly,
A prelude to another dance;
In dreams, I exult in being yours
While you open up your heart to me;
In dreams, I love you
As though love were not a sin.


  1. Aha! What cute roses! What a lucky guy! :-) And what a day to be bed-ridden (you can look at it both ways... lolz)

    Happy belated V'day, Cherrie.

  2. lovely roses for a lovely lady. In dreams. Rose par mawi tak ai khan a dawngtu kha a par a mawi zawk ang ka ring tlat. Romantic dan dangdai tak a nih ka ring tlat v day a khum beta mut chu..lolzz

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  4. @illusionaire...

    I hmandan i report ve ngam em?! I ngiahtuahna a thap riau...i kawng i ti na ve ange au, careful! Happy belated V day to u too!

  5. @vana
    Nia, engkim mai hi lo romantic thei vek tho a nih dawn hi, thlir dan a zirin! A dawngtu eroh hi chu par moi vaklo, uai toh lam a nia...!

  6. umm, ngaihnawm hle mai. Rose! Thou art the sweetest flower that ever drank the amber shower:
    Even the Gods, who walk the sky, are amourous of thy scented sigh tih te pawh a awm kha mawle..:) Pu kima te hian an chhawr tangkai thei hle an ti rose hi..:)

  7. @puia
    Thanks! I wonder if a rose by any other name would smell as sweet? Mipa in a experience in chan ropui tak nia ka hriat ve chu maw, pangpar in dawng ve meuh lo hi! A hminga "woman" nih ve mana voi khat nanana red roses han dawn ve hi chu nuam ve riau ania!

  8. Valentines Day maw? Kha va dawng tha awm ve O, dinner eitur a sawm ka ni a, valentines Day tih a hre thut a, min sawmtu ber kha a hman talo a, haha. Bike fai takin ka sil ve laklawh tawhsi a. Ka hawi ta lawl lawl mai a. Tichuan Campus-ah luck ve awm hmel deuhin ka haw ta hnu hnu a.

  9. where did you buy the red roses? (:

  10. Ooooo gorgeous red roses for a gorgeous girl I see. Over the hill, my big foot! I'm a sucker for that kind of extravaganza too ;)

  11. @sawmpuia
    Nia hei ka inti thei mah mah in ka hria. Chaweiah chuan kmah ka lo sawm lo che ni oooo! I social calender a full ka ring lutuk a, saw enah poh ka lo en lova, Valentine's ah i lo hawihil der mai a ni maw, pu ber...zialo thin ve ooo!

    will tell you where I bought them in secret... They give enormous discounts too, if you admit that you're buying them for yourself! Lolz

    I bet you got even more beautiful ones, zep lo mai roh! Ka thiannu 1 in "ka tleirol lai thlalak ka ena, hetiang reng hi emaw ka la nih ka intia, ka khawlai kal te hi ka 'confi' mah mah a, khatiang kha ka lo ni tohsi lova" a tih ang deuh a nia... inlak young viau poh hian e, theih toh lo chin hi om thin a!hehe....poilo. Mature women are sexier...te ti toh mai ang.

  12. roses are red... ohh... i love you honey.. eh!!

    nice writing cherrie...

  13. Miss buaina khawvel hi ka mut a chhuak ltk :-) Rose pawh ka hmu phir vek tawh lolzz

  14. @Joseph,

    Thanks for the visit... too bad the roses must wilt,na?

    Methinks you're working too hard! Relax deuh teh.

  15. Well, that dream should come true. You deserve it.

  16. @pt

    Awww, that's sweet... thanks! I profile hi view a va chakawm ve, blockl lo la...

  17. Oh, what can it mean.
    To a daydream believer
    And a homecoming queen.

    You once thought of me
    As a white knight on a steed.
    Now you know how happy I can be.
    Oh, and our good times starts and end
    Without dollar one to spend.
    But how much, baby, do we really need.