Friday, July 18, 2008

To Be a Woman

To be a woman, to have a heart, and to hurt. Here's something I came across when I was flipping through an old notebook of mine. It was taken from a Nike Ad in a magazine:

Oh, you’re so emotional.

There you are all caught up in your emotions, wearing your heart on your sleeve, wearing your heart on every piece of clothing you own. You cry at the drop of a hat. You cry absolute buckets. You cry me a river.

You’re a woman (you can’t help it); you’re a girl (now, don’t get me wrong); you’re a woman and you’re so emotional about everything and

even at those times when you’re perfectly rational and perfectly capable, somebody somewhere will look at you and say (like it’s the worst thing in the world)

Oh you’re so emotional

And of course, that really makes you want to scream.

And then just as soon as you don’t weep, which is most of the time anyway, and you’re cool and calm and absolutely brilliant under pressure somebody somewhere will say you’re too cool and too calm and then, of course, you’re suddenly and forever called insensitive.

Ah, to be a woman.

Somewhere in the middle of all these assumptions and all these labels is the way you really are. You are kind (that’s why we have hearts). You are strong (or you wouldn’t have made it this far). You are fearless (or you would’ve hidden your heart long ago). And because you wear your heart so easily sometimes

you know how easily it is broken.

So through time, you have learned to protect it. You learn to take it for long walks. You learn to let it breathe deeply. You learn to treat it with respect.

And, through time, you have learned to move it and bend it and make it accountable, because the best way to keep a heart alive is to be unafraid to use it. And you are so very good at using it.


Your heart is beating. This means you are alive. Your body is moving. This means you cannot be stopped. The world and all its labels are calling you. You’d love to answer. But you’re moving so fast you can’t hear a thing.


  1. huh! So true.. for a woman! :-)

    I think you really like it..

  2. emotional deuh bula awm hi a nuam thin ngawtin ka hria. Lawm te lawmpui a, tap te tah pui nghal hawm hawm thei mihring te hian midang te dinhmun pawh an hriatthiampui duh khawpin ka hria. A bik takin i han tarlan ang hian Hmeichhiaah hian mipa aiin a awm leh zualin ka hria.

    Anyway, nice post. Keep it up..

  3. @ Joseph: Well, I guess most of it is true. But then we're not all alike and there are exceptions.

    @puia: I van ti lawmawm, tamtak chuan hmeichhe emotional na hi sign of weakness angin an hmu a. Mahse emotion tih lan ngam hi huaisenna chikhat te pawh a lo ni ve tho va. A hun leh hmun erawh chu a awm a.
    I blog hi update zin gdeuh la, nghahhlelh awm thin a. :-)

  4. Beautiful, especially since this is a subject that's very close to my heart. I believe in every line in this post, something I tell myself all the time. You know when something makes you cry, and you tell someone it made you cry, and they're like 'But why??!!!' Like crying over something 'small' is the worst thing one can do...I used to try and change, but now I don't care. I will go get my heart broken, I will cry...Emotional till I die! :D

  5. Ekhai, hotunu, a dik khawp mai. Keini kan chhungkua ti mai ila, ka nu leh pa lam ve ve pawh hmanlai thlahtute atanga mi emotional lo lutuk mai kan ni hlawm a. Mitthi te hi kan trah mang lo emaw tih mai tur a ni a. Kan hmeichhiate erawh thudang ni se. Mahse kan rilruah chuan kan tuar hle a ni tih erawh kan chezia ah a lang a. Mahse rilru leh taksa hian chutiang chu a tuar duh khawpin ka hria a. Sim a tan ka duh khawp mai.

    Chutih laiin thiante thian ve leh chhawng te thihnia uar tak maia lo trap ve mai thei em em erawh a lutuk mai thei tiraw..:)

    Hotunu hi chu i vannei e, engkim mai hi i kawp vek mai a.. khuanu ruat reng a lo ni..:)

  6. @ jerusha: am too emotional right now to comment at length on your comment [:P] but am glad you like the post!

    @ puia: ni e, tiro, mihring hi kan inang lo a alawm. Emotional viau e tilo chuan kei(ni) pawh hi mi hmaah chuan han ti lang teh chiam chi chu kan ni lutuk lo. Tin, duh duh hunah hian tah ngat phei hichu a lo tih theih hauh lo mai a, "tap ve ta ila a mawi ang a" tih naah te hian mittui hi hul deuh tlat mai a; insum ngail te hian a sur zung2 leh ang lawi a. Hmanah pawh ka classmate Garo pa a thia, class a ka bula thu ziah thin kha nia, kan va kal ve a, an lo fel khawp mai a, a chhungte takngial pawh kha an mit an hru zeuh2 duh ringawt a, kei ta pek hian insum thei lek lo hian ka va tap ta nih chu! Ka zah mai zia chu, mahse a dan rual loh khan a chhuak ve miau sia leh.MIn en hrek hrek in ka hria!

  7. Best way to keep a heart alive is to be unafraid to use it..This is true and I know it..No matter how its gonna get hurt..keep it alive and you'll be alive.

  8. More power to us women. Even if we cry at the drop of a hat. Oh wait, I don't do that. Not much anyways. The women in our family generally tend to be strong and pachang. Leastways in public. What we do in private is anybody's guess :)

  9. I han sawi takah chuan Tah hian rau a nei ve a ni thei ang em? tih min ngaihtuah tir a. Kan chhungte ngei ngei an thih pawhin ka rilru chu a na ngawih ngawih a, mahse ka tap chhuak lem ngai lo va. Kum 6 vel ka nih khan ka pan min thihsan a, mi an tap luai luai a, ka la hamhaih vang nge ka hre mai lo, a hnuah phum tura kuanga an dah luh dawn chiah hian, ka pa chu phum bo daih tur a ni tih ka chiang ta uarh a ni mahna, ka tap ngheng mai a. Chu chu ka tahna ka hriatchian em em chu a la ni a. Ka tap ngai ta miah lo va. Kawng engkima min duhsak a, min tawngtaisak thintu leh engkim engkima Nu ang maia ka neih Lalsangzuali Sailo a thi a nih tih ka hriat khan, keimah chauhin ka room ah ka awm a, ka mittui a tla zawih zawih mai a. Mahse ka tap ri lem lo va. Kha kha ka hriatchian em em a ni leh ta vang vang a. A rauah ka cheng emaw, min man fuh emaw pawh a ni mai thei.

    Mahse, mithiamte chuan rilru a nat a, sawichhuah si loh te, tah a chhuah em em laia insum tlat te hi taksa hian a hua a, rilru thlengin a tikhawlo thei a ni, an tih ka hre thin a. Chuvangin mi emotional tak te hian mi an thlamuan a, mi dinhmun pawh an hrethiam zawk ngeiin ka ring.

  10. Rilru na deuh chung pawha trap thei miah lo hi an khawngaihthlak ngawt asin!
    And to be a woman and have a vulnerable heart is nothing to regret, i guess. One needs to protect one's heart, like you said, since it can break. But if you guard it too close life's sunshine may be shut out.

  11. hmm..ngaihnawm phian mai a..:-)hotupa pu Zoruna ate ho komment hnua koment chu in thlahrun thlak deuh e..

    To be a man tihte pawh a lo rawn chhuah mai dawn hmel e..lo nghak trang trang phawts ila..:-)

    Nice blok :-)

  12. calliopia, puia, mesjay, sekibuhchhuak: Thanks for dropping by, and for the comments!

  13. I blog chhiar a nuam khop mai thin a, mahse update a hun tawh nih hi. Emotional hi a thatna a tam ania. Life is full of little suprises...

  14. Thank you for posting this! I was looking for it!