Sunday, August 10, 2008

Forget it!

I swear I'm losing my mind. The reason? I just keep losing things. Have you ever felt that suffocating panic rising from your chest and lodging itself firmly in your throat when you just could not remember where you put that vital piece of paper, that article of clothing, or that library book? It's similar to that feeling of utter panic when you see a familiar face, but just can't put a name to the face, and the owner of that face is pumping your hand with vigorous enthusiasm and glee at having found you, long-lost friend/ colleague/ neighbour/ lover (?!), etc. Anyway, you get my drift. That has been happening to me with alarming frequency lately. Well, not that last bit.

Last week I ransacked my room trying to locate my educational certificates (yep, the originals), upending every drawer, cupboard, painstakingly going through every file. I still haven't found them. I even roped in my mom and together we excavated through the accumulated mess. Nothing. However, I did find a few interesting articles: old cards from friends I hadn't heard from in years, a few clothes I'd totally forgotten I had, my missing silver earrings, and tons of loose sheets and official correspondence which had cluttered my desk and shelves. My room looked so much better. But still no certificates. Therefore, I looked much worse off than when I started.

I had a mini-scare when I lost a VERY IMPORTANT key my dad had entrusted to me a couple of days later. When I panic, everything tends to be a blur (and that's not just because of my myopia), and for an entire day - what was supposed to be a relaxing Sunday- I went through the whole drill again. Thankfully, after many entreaties sent heavenwards, I found it exactly where I'd left it - on the shelf above my computer.

Today I misplaced my handset, and had a mild panic attack, until I gathered my wits and looked inside the car, where it was resting innocently between the handbrake and the gearstick. Whew. I have also lost innumerable books, pieces of jewelry, a brand-new nokia handset, not to mention money. I also forgot to turn up for a class I was supposed to teach at IGNOU as a favor to my friend. I swear I'm responsible about my duties, but there are days when you just can't beat the evil beings conspiring against you. And maybe it's in my genes. I once waved to my dad who was giving a lift to some guests from another state, and they all blankly stared back. Upon enquiry, I was told later that he had actually asked those strangers if they knew "that kid who was waving at them so cheerily". Since they obviously didn't, they wrote me off as someone who was either slightly bonkers or had mistaken them for somebody else. *Sigh

Well, at least I also forget to remember the many offences and injuries commited against me :) So I guess that's one good thing about it. And short of taking those wonder drugs for memory improvement so frequently advertised by shady characters, I don't think there's a cure for my malady. I'm losing all my things, including my marbles.


  1. hehe, kan online rual mek :P He comment ka ziah lai hian i comment ka blog ah a rawn thleng kauh mai :D

    Lately I've been reading a lot of posts like this. lolz. Just saw your comment at J's post too. Haha. Funny coincidence. :-)

    But seriously, is the world getting older without me? :-P

    Actually even I had such memory attacks too. I once drove all the way to work, and halfway I realized I forgot my bike at home... awihawm loh ve a sin! :-)

    Next time you forget stuff, blame it on the ozone layer depletion and UV rays messing with your head. Feels much better that way than blaming it on age. :-)

    Ps. On a serious note, I tried calling you up a couple of days back (on your BSNL mobile) to deliver a sad news but you didn't answer... I'm sure you must have heard about it by now.

  2. Put it down to the middle of the year syndrome. The monsoon, the humidity, the unpredictable weather, the hectic routine at work, the equally hectic routine at home, the even more hectic social routine...

    I decided at one point to write important things down in a little notebook but that didn't work out because I often couldn't remember where I'd left the notebook in the first place lol.

    Your dad sounds deliciously goofy. And don't worry, I misplace things every day too. Usually my purse or my cellphone. Sometimes I call myself on our landline to locate my phone :)

  3. @illusionaire: Yeah, even father_sphinx's latest post is kinda along the same lines. Which is rather reassuring, when I think about it. At least I'm not alone in this :). As for you, maybe you kinda went through this stage in a daze, and are now currently into your second childhood. Self-delusional behaviour is one of the symptoms, I believe. :)
    What phone call? What bad news?

    @calliopia: hehe. Don't get me started about my dad. He claims he inherited those genes from his maternal uncle, who actually sent my uncle, my dad's younger brother (whose boss he was at work), to attend a training programme in aizawl from lunglei, after finding a notification letter on his desk. He arrived in Aizawl to find no such programme being organized. The mystery was solved when on closer inspection, said letter was dated two years ago, same date!

  4. You are definitely not alone in your suffering. I am also greatly afflicted by this malady, forgetting names and faces at the most inappropriate times.

  5. Forgetting..I can say never happens to me:P
    My life's so boring and organized that even roomies are telling me I am living a life as if it is written in some book:P

  6. @aduhi: Hehe the "malady" seems to be catching! Got a scrap from blogger sawmpuia just now, and he says he's misplaced his bike keys! MY latest loss is a beautiful new umbrella I bought recently. I refuse to accept that I lost it, and am currently using the word "misplaced"; it sounds much more reassuring.

    @toy soldier:You are one lucky girl to be so organized. Life must be so much easier for you. Got any tips?

  7. Forgetting genes s in express a ni maw? Its in the genes... a dik hle mai. Haihawt hi a in thlah chhawn theih chuan mi haihawt deuh dang nen in nei ta ula...:). Mahse a in complement thei maithei bawk a..hehe. Haihawt thu hi chu sawi ve chi pawh ka nilo, min huat phah ta lek2 pawh an awm ta ve ang ka haihawt luttuk hi.

  8. @vana: Niah, car chahbi vawi duailo i kalhhnan a, i lenna chhungte nena torchlight kenga in kar hawn triah triah vel chu ka sawi tam lo mai ang!

  9. hey, wait for me...haha

    Pawl khatah kan awm ania..hmanniah ka handset ka kut veilam a ka hum lai reng kan zawng chiam mai chuh :D

    ni e, thlahtu te puh mai hi a hahdam thlak :P

  10. Hahaha min ziah khalh! Keipawh hei ka bike key ka ti bo a chain in ka kalh hmiah rih. Notice ah ka tibo thu ka tar a, nizanah vai English hriat har deuh hian a rawn phone a, lawm takin campus ka awmloh avangin ka thiante ka tir a, TVS bike key a lo ni zui...Ka thawh veleh chupa tho chuan minla rawn phone leh zui a, khua a va han var lo thin tak.

    Thil theihnghilh sawi taka chuan kan uar zel teh an, ka M.Phil submit dawn khan ka buai ve lutuk, ka room chahbi leh tala te department ah khan kalo ak vel thul a, bakcheh te hi ka ak tel leh nuaih bawk thin. Cycle ka neihloh avangin mi ta ka hawh a ka la kalsan zui:-)

    "Amak hle mai, kan tihbo chu" ka tih mek lai hian, ka thianpa Zara chuan, "I nunah chuan thil pangai tak a ni." zuk ti ve tlat a, za lo zetin nuih a ngai thin.

    Ummm. nia kan chung a thil tisualtute theihnghilh theih hi a tha khawp mai.

    Ka blog a ni silo a kan type duhtawk ang e :-)

  11. hope the documents re-surface soon, it's making me worried - i'm a chronic worrier.
    you must've felt a real 'little girl lost' when your dad didn't recognise you - that's just too bad of him!
    the other day, when we were rushing out for work, my hubby was frantically searching for his phone in his pockets, thinking he'd forgotten to take was in his hand.

  12. Nia sawi vek sen a nilo a pakhat leh chiah i sawi chhuah takah chuan- Hmanah ka office haw dawnin nula pakhat hi bike a haw pui turin ka sawm a, ka bike chahbi kan tihbo mai chuh...huizz hrilh a hai duh asin aw. Tichuan bike chu tlansanin bus ah kan haw ta rial a, nuam phian..hhehe. Car chahbi kha chu a ....lolz

  13. @luliana: OOO, nang pawh maw?! Kan va pung sawt ve, lolz. Pawl chu din ila, OB te kan inthlang anga. Haihawt lutuk hian meeting kan kal theihnghilh reng leh si anga! Thlahtute lamah hi chuan kan duai lo ve a, Kapu, (my dad's dad) pawh hi maw, pitar pakhat a zin puia, chhungte inah an thleng a, an thlen in nu ni a a ngaih kha a chibai a, "kapi i dam maw?" an tia, an en chian chuan kawng tluana a zinpui pitar tho kha han chibai pek a!

    @sawmpuia: Thianpa, hei ka lo puan hmanhmawh che a,i chahbi bo thu :) "haihawt chu anrilru a tha" tih hi chauh thuba rawh nge thudik ni ang le?

    @mesjay: They haven't surfaced as yet, and being a Worrier too, I'm breaking out in hives. Apparently one has to file an FIR at the police station, etc etc before appying for new ones! Lolz at your hubby. Maybe he should compare notes with Luliana here.

  14. @vana: cho viau suh, ka puan teuh mai tur che nia! :)

  15. hehehe, haihawt hi a mak ve ngawt mai. Inthlah chhawn theih thil te pawh a ni ta ve ang e. I chengvawng leh phakar ra ho hi an haihawt lo tlangpui a. Mi rilru tluang tak leh zaidam tak ho hi an haihawt duh tlangpui an ti.. tak tak ni maw.. a dik vek kher lo mai thei a, Haihawt ho inhnemna te pawh a ni mai thei e..hehehe

    Keipawh vawikhat chu Ruah a sur a, Nihliap nen ka chhuak ve ngei a, ka hawn lamah a han ta si a.. In ka thleng chiah Nihliah ka khum chhuak tih ka hrechhuak a, ka theihnghilh ngei a nih ringin ka lei leh char char a, ka zawng tan dawn chiah tihah hian chu Nihliap chu ka lo la khum reng chu lo niin..lolzzz.. ka khum than loh vang nge ka haihawt ve hrim hrim pawh ka hre hrang thiam lo. Mi in chengvawng thlerhthlawrh chu ka ni lo phawt tih chu ka inhria a. Mahse, khirh tak chu ka ni lo phawt, ka haihawt ve em mai..heheh

  16. @Puia: lolzzzzzz, hotupa chu, i va han haihawt ve tho ve mawle! A mang an thlak thin tiro? Nia, mi phakar ltk lo angah in dah phot ang, chulamah tal kan in fak (?) mai loh chuan a mualpho thlak thei em mai! Keipoh hi tarmit vuah chunga hmai phih huh hlawp te hi ka hrat teh mai a nia!

  17. Ka awmna-ah hian haihawt damdawi a awm an tia lo hawn dawn che mi :-)

    Hmanah keipawh pulis in ka Pa hming min zawt thut a sawi thei lok lo maw le..

  18. @sekibuhchhuak: mahni pa te hming em em chu aaa, i lo pui ve tho hle mai! A nuam e, in rawn sawi ve sap sap a, ka haihawt pui an awm ve teuh tih hian thla a muang deuh.

    Damdawi chu lo ei chhin phot la, a thawh tak hlauh leh min rawn hawn ve ngei ngei dawn nia

    @picturesquer: Nia, hei seki in min rawn hawn dawn :P

  19. huis - I've been internet-less for over a week now. And I've been too busy to call customer service to come fix it..I see lots of new posts/articles everywhere I roam, I feel so out of touch :(

    You dad sounds lovely! And you know how we always associate this whole forgetfulness thing with aging, I don't know but I wonder. I have been forgetful ever since I was a small child. But I'll bet you're overworked..

  20. @Jerusha: Hey girl, was waiting for u to drop by, welcome back! My Net has been less than reliable too; let's just blame it on the monsoon...again.

    Yeah, I've always been forgetful right from childhood too. Maybe it really is in the genes. I think it's unfair to accuse someone of not giving something enough importance just because they've forgotten it. I do forget things that are vitally important, so I don't really subscribe to that view.

    TO MESJAY and all other concerned friends, I have found 2 out of the 3 missing certificates, both very neatly filed away and promptly forgotten. I am relieved beyond words :)

  21. L-O-L

    Haihawt ve tak mai ka nia. :D Luliana blog ah khan ka inpuang duh vak lo a.. haha. Bag ah theihnghilh meuhin sikul te hi ka kal thut tawh a, necktie awrh theihnghilh avanga a thar lei rikngawt chang te ka nei.

    Chaw einaah mahni fian hum reng chungin kan zawng chiam zel mai bawk a. Ka thil lei tur re re hi tun thleng hian ziah chhuah kher a nih loh chuan theihnghilh hi ka nei ngei ngei. A zialo tak tak a ni. Tar-hri an tia, tar hma atang kan nei nghal der a nih hi. :D hahaha...

    Mahni inthiam chawpna Thlahtu te mawhpuh?? hahaha..

  22. @Pu Joseph: Mi haihawt ve tak i nih thu hi chu ka lo hre thawi deuh toh a, ka lo thlamuan pui viau ve ringot a sin! Bag tello a skul kal kha ka tan reuh lutuk che.Keipoh pawh hmanni ah library atanga ka chhuak ka bag ka kalsan daih a, ka tlan thui viau toh a, ka zuk la leh nal nal.

    Hetiang kan nih tlat vang hi alawm, thlahttu te puh mai loh chuan han tih vak ngaihna a vang em a tin a ni, lol.

  23. haihot hi chu hrehom thina a sin. keipoh thil ka misplace reng2 a ka rilru a ron lian ber thin chu "Cntrl + F" then "Enter" till you locate the file..lolzzz