Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Reunion…of sorts

Today ten of my ex-students decided to “drop in” on me and we had an impromptu dinner at the house. Although it was totally unplanned, we did have a nice, all-girls time together. Despite the many challenges they threw up in the classroom (they were all very nice people, of course, just not very academically motivated, if you know what I mean) when they were “my” students, tonight was different because I saw them in a different light. And I was proud of them. For all our occasional misgivings, they seem to have turned our just fine. In fact, they are pretty fine young ladies. With attitude. The right kind.

It’s kinda wierd how attached you get to your students, how personally you take their achievements and failures. They say teaching is not lucrative…oh, but you reap so many benefits in non-monetary forms! And at the end of the day, you realise they have grown up. They are no longer just kids inside the four walls of a classroom, and that you now need to wake up and relate to them like the adults they are. And hey, one often finds oneself learning some valuable lessons from one’s students.

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